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African American Studies


Dear Colleague,

As you finalize your syllabus for the coming semester, consider inviting me as a guest lecturer for your course. I was a student of the first class to integrate a South Carolina all “white” high school in the 1960s. I am a generation college graduate, and one of only five students to graduate from this high school, my inspiring lectures allows students to garner life principles of innate resilience by hearing background, struggles, and victories of one who participated in this historical process. The lecture may be conducted in one or several sessions, and specific lecture topics may be combined and organized to fit your course theme.

I am an accomplished applied experiential learning administrator and course director, assistant dean of student services, career development professor, and author. My experiences run deep and parallel experiences related to experiences of racism today. The reflection upon those experiences are educational, motivational, enlightening, empowering, and illuminating in an efforts to unify our country in becoming “…one Nation under God,indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

My lectures present an Introspective and historical look at segregation and desegregation from the 1960s to present. It is our hope that these lectures will educate, promote personal growth, and stimulate conversations for racial reconciliation. They are based upon experiences and accounts of desegregation in a cultural and geographic area of the American South.  

I look forward to visiting your classes and working with your students.

Legacy is the New It!


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